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Why Your Business Should Invest In An Office-Use Printer

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Is your business always running out of ink or paper in the printer? Have your printing costs gone up in recent months and you are looking to get the situation under control? If you do not yet have an office-use printer supplier, it might be time to look at options that go beyond purchasing yet another consumer-grade printer from the local department store. Here's why seeking out a commercial-grade or office-use printer for your company is a good idea. 

Lower Price Per Page

When you have a consumer-grade printer, you are going to run out of ink faster and the printer itself is going to deteriorate faster over time in comparison to a commercial-grade printer. A more high-end printer will likely let you install a larger cartridge with more ink and the printer in general will be more efficient in how much ink it is using to get the job done. The end result is that an office-use printer is going to provide savings for your company over time because you'll be paying a lower cost overall per page.

Handle High Volume

Maybe it's not the cost you are concerned about but the fact that it takes far too long to get all of your documents printed out each day. A commercial-grade printer will be able to print faster and more efficiently and handle printing more documents at one time. You'll be able to get through a higher volume of printouts in a shorter amount of time, allowing the office to get back to work instead of just standing by the printer waiting for things to finish printing.

Impressive Quality

First impressions are everything in business and a better quality office-use printer can help you create documents that will wow your clients or customers or business partners. You may be able to more easily print on higher quality paper or switch quickly between different sizes of paper without delay. Choosing a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer could also lead to better-quality prints.

More Than Just Printing

A commercial-grade printer also typically has the ability to handle other tasks as well, like scanning or faxing. You may even be able to do more than one of those things at the same time while there is a print job in progress.

Better Tracking and Security

If you are printing sensitive company data, you might want to stay on top of user authentication or tracking or ensure that all data sent to the printer is fully encrypted for security purposes. A local commercial printer retailer can help you find the right printer for your security needs.

Contact a local office-use printer supplier for more information.