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Why Add AI Call Routing To Your Customer Call Center?

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While you might not want to fully automate your call center, you can use AI processing to streamline your operations. For example, you can add an intelligent call routing service to your system.

How does intelligent call routing work? What are its benefits?

What Is Intelligent Call Routing?

If you have intelligent call routing, then your customer calls are managed by an AI system. When someone calls your company, the system's bot analyses what they say, either through free speech or via a series of responses to questions. It then forwards the call to an appropriate agent.

Some companies use enhanced call routing. For example, their system might route some calls to automated information recordings. If the AI bot recognizes a common or easily answered query, then it can direct the caller to a recorded message that will give them the answer they need.

Why Use Intelligent Call Routing?

The performance of your call center affects the way people perceive your business. If you answer and manage queries quickly and efficiently, then you keep people happy.

However, this isn't always easy to do. If you have a lot of incoming calls, then people might have to wait longer for your agents to answer and resolve their queries. People get particularly frustrated if they aren't immediately connected with the right agent.

For example, if someone calls your company and explains the reason for their call, then they might be put on hold until the agent works out who they need to talk to. If they get this wrong, then the caller might have to explain everything again to another agent only to find that they are talking to the wrong person.

The caller could be on hold multiple times for long periods while agents try to connect them with the right person. This can be a frustrating experience. It doesn't reflect well on your call center or your company.

If you switch to AI call routing, then this process works more effectively. The AI bot identifies the reason for a call in just a few seconds. It then connects the caller with the right agent. Your callers won't waste time waiting for the right connection; they won't sit on hold for long periods. Their satisfaction with your company will increase.

Plus, your agents can focus on doing their jobs. They don't have to route incoming calls, and they'll spend less time dealing with callers who have been connected to them by mistake. They'll be able to respond to their own calls faster and more efficiently.

To find out more about how intelligent call routing can streamline your customer services, contact AI call center providers.