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Keys To Constructing A Building Automation System

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Building automation systems are installed to control a lot of important things, including the HVAC. If you're planning to invest in one, here are some tips worth looking into for proper construction.

Choose a System That Tracks Trends

In order to make meaningful assessments of how different systems in your building run — including the HVAC and lighting — you need to choose a BAS (building automation system) that enables you to keep track of trends. For instance, you need a system that monitors past efficiency levels of your HVAC equipment.

Then, you can compile data through the BAS for an extended period and see what improvements are needed for better efficiency. Or you may see energy-efficiency levels are where they should be, and that's a meaningful realization to come to as well. The BAS will guide you along and help you make corrections at the right times. 

Make Sure There are Quality Security Measures

A BAS will make it a lot easier to run and adjust settings in a building, but you need to be able to perform actions in a secure way each time. Then, your BAS won't ever put you at risk from a security standpoint.

Some standard security protocols to observe with the said system may include selecting staff that can access said system, making sure their login credentials are strong and updated frequently, and having proven security software set up to monitor potential security risks. If you execute each one of these security steps, your BAS will stay well-protected. 

Ensure BAS is Optimized After Installation 

Once you have a BAS put in your building, you need to go through an optimization period. This is where you make sure it's working great and supporting your operations just fine. Then you won't have to do as much with the systems around your building.

An example of a fully optimized BAS involves it turning your lights on and off at the right times of the day. Then there won't be any wasted energy consumption. You also need heating and cooling systems powering on and off on a specific schedule, and that's something that can be achieved when you ensure your BAS is optimized post-installation. 

Constructing a building automation system is one of the smartest things you can do from a system control standpoint, especially for the HVAC system. Just make sure you have the right approach for this setup to avoid trouble.