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Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Tips To Achieve The Look You Want

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Two-tone kitchens are growing in popularity. Dual tones in the kitchen provide the ability to create a striking contrast that is like no other. You may think that dual tones will not work well in a small kitchen, but it will work just fine with the right tips. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help you achieve the appearance you want on your kitchen cabinets.

Use the Dark Tone as Your Focal Point

In a larger space, your focal point is generally a larger feature like an island. In a small space, however, you may not have the space for an island, so the focal point will need to be elsewhere for the two-tone trend to be pulled off. For instance, in a galley kitchen, the lower cabinets on your back wall can be great as a focal point. Therefore, these cabinets should be painted in the darker tone.

Using the Two Colors

You have a variety of colors at your disposal when it comes to dual tones. You can stick to the traditional black (bottom) and white (top), which is known as the tuxedo kitchen. If you go with this theme, you can use different colors, such as navy and cream, gray and white, or something more unusual like dark purple and bright orange.

In a smaller space, you will want to try to avoid dark colors, since your overall goal is to make the space feel more open and bigger. Therefore, try white paired with colors like mint green, soft blue, and other pastels or light colors.

Color Coordination Is Important

Cabinet colors are not the only thing that you will want to coordinate. You also need to coordinate the colors between the cabinets and the walls, hardware, etc. so that everything is tied together. For instance, if you have kitchen cabinets in warm colors, then you will want to have an appropriate wall color, such as a warm off-white color or soft cream. Ultimately, dark cool hues should only be paired with light cool tones, so that all the colors coordinate well with one another.

Focus on the Lower Cabinets

When you are trying to pull off a two-tone kitchen, you don't necessarily have to have the light cabinets on top and the dark cabinets on the bottom. Believe it or not, a lot of homeowners actually decide to switch them around or just try to make one wall a focal point. In smaller spaces, you will want to avoid making the space look top-heavy. Therefore, your focus should be on the lower kitchen cabinets, which means your dark colors should be low and your light or bright colors should be high. This will help the space look more grounded and help reflect more light in the space.

For more information, contact a kitchen cabinetry supplier or contractor in your area about painting kitchen cabinets.