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Air Ionization Unit Myths Homeowners May Assume Are True

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Taking steps to improve the air quality in your home can significantly enhance your quality of life while possibly lessening many health problems that come as a result of breathing low-quality air. In particular, air ionization systems are an effective solution to improving the quality of the air in a building.

Myth: Air Ionizers Work The Same As Other Types Of Purifying Systems

One assumption that people may make about air ionization units is that these systems will work similarly to traditional air filtration systems. In reality, these devices will not rely on filters to remove particulate matter from the air. Rather, these units will utilize ionized particles. This will work as the ionization particles will have a charge that allows them to attach to dust and other impurities that may be floating in the air. By sticking to these substances, they become heavy enough that they will fall to the ground rather than continue to drift in the air. As a result of this design, you will not have to regularly change filters or other components in order to keep the unit running effectively.

Myth: An Air Ionization Unit Will Make The Air Smell

Another assumption that can be had about air ionization units is that they will cause the air to develop a foul or unpleasant smell. However, this is not a concern that you should have when you decide to have these units installed. In fact, they are likely to improve the smell in the home as they will be able to effectively remove particulate matter that may be causing the interior air to have musty or other unpleasant smells. When the ionization unit is first activated, you may notice a scent initially, but this will pass fairly rapidly as it is a result of dust or other materials that may have collected on the ionization unit. Luckily, they will fade within a few minutes of the system running.

Myth: It Will Be Hard To Maintain An Air Ionization Unit

Improving the air quality in your home can help to minimize health problems and other quality of life issues. However, a homeowner may be worried about investing in this upgrade if it will result in the house needing more intensive maintenance in order to remain functional. Fortunately, the installation of an air ionization unit should not significantly alter the amount of maintenance that your home will need. Typically, you will only need to lightly dust the ionization unit in order to remove any dust that may have accumulated on it.

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