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Gold Jewelry Can Turn Into Cold, Hard Cash If You Play Your Cards Right

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Are you sitting on a significant amount of gold jewelry? If so, you might be itching to turn some of that bling into cold, hard cash. But you shouldn't just look at a list of local gold jewelry buyers and immediately sell everything off to one of them without a second thought. If you want to improve your chances of getting as much money for your jewelry as you can, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Know the Current Market and How It's Trending

The gold market is a lot like the stock market in that it can have good days and bad days. The price of gold does go up and down over time. Obviously, if you are looking to sell your gold, you will want to wait until it is commanding a higher price. Keep an eye on the market and aim to sell when it's trending upwards.

If You Have Specialized Pieces, Take Your Time to Find the Right Dealer

If you have especially elaborate pieces of gold jewelry, you may be able to fetch a premium price. But you'll only get more money if you find the right dealer or buyer who can appreciate what you have. A gold buyer that doesn't specialize in jewelry might be more concerned with the number of karats and pretty much nothing else. Find gold jewelry buyers who look to re-sell to others in the jewelry market, and you will be in better shape to ask for a good price.

Contact More Than One Dealer or Buyer

There's no shame in shopping around, and that's true even if it's you that's doing the selling. Don't be afraid to get multiple quotes for your gold pieces before you commit to selling. Sometimes even letting a dealer or buyer know that you are looking around may be enough to get them to sweeten the offer before you walk out of their store.

Polish for the Presentation

When you sell your used car to a dealership or try to get a good trade-in value for it, you probably wash and vacuum it first in order to create a good impression. The same logic holds when selling gold jewelry. Take some time to polish your best pieces so that they look good and are capable of impressing your potential buyer. The closer to mint condition you can make your jewelry look, the better offers you will get.

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