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Mold Removing Air Purifiers: Protection For Your Pet

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The presence of mold is a major problem in any home. For homes where a pet is present, mold can be particularly dangerous.

Pets have a tendency to use their noses to help navigate their environment. This exposes household pets to more mold and could cause more mold spores to become airborne in your home.

Mold exposure can be devastating for your beloved pet, so it's important that you have a mold removing air purifier in your home. This type of air purifier can protect your pet from suffering from the physical effects of mold exposure.

Healthy Skin and Coat

One of the surprising effects mold exposure can have on your pet is a reduction in skin and coat quality.

Airborne mold spores can settle on your pet's skin, causing irritation. You may notice your pet scratching or licking more often than usual when there is mold in your home. Your pet's fur can also become dull and start to fall out in clumps as a result of mold exposure.

An air purifier that is designed specifically to eliminate mold spores from the air will protect your pet's skin and coat so that he or she looks happy and healthy over time.

Appetite Loss

Mold spores in the air can settle on any of the surfaces within your home. If your pet licks these surfaces, he or she will be ingesting mold spores. Ingesting mold can create a dangerous situation for your pet.

Most animals will lose their appetite after mold exposure. While it might not seem that serious if your pet doesn't eat for a few days, appetite loss has the potential to be deadly. For example, cats who don't eat for 24-36 hours are in danger of developing a life-threatening liver condition.

The addition of an air purifier capable of eliminating mold spores from your home will help prevent your pet from ingesting mold in the future.

Respiratory Problems

Exposure to mold will often lead to respiratory problems in pets. Since many household animals are smaller in size than their human counterparts, respiratory ailments can develop much faster in pets.

You may notice that your pet is sneezing frequently. His or her eyes and nose could be running as a result of mold exposure.

Choosing to install an air purifier that can eliminate mold spores from your home will not only alleviate your pet's respiratory distress, but it could prevent mold from causing respiratory problems for the human members of your family in the future.

For further details, reach out to a company that offers mold removing air purifiers.