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Appealing Features Of A Nighttime Helicopter Tour

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If you're thinking about taking a helicopter tour, you might initially picture yourself doing so during the day. After all, bright conditions allow you to see a considerable distance, and you'll also have the ability to view the sights below you in better detail. There are plenty of benefits of daytime helicopter tours, but it's useful to know that some tour companies also run outings at night. Whether your daytime schedule is packed or you're simply curious about seeing an area after dark, a nighttime helicopter tour may be appealing to you. Here are some reasons to consider this type of tour.

Nighttime Lights To Enjoy

Many nighttime helicopter tours will take you over areas that are brightly lit, which will give you an impressive view that you simply can't get during the day. Depending on the area that you're flying over, you may see famous buildings and other landmarks lit up, for example. Even something as mundane as traffic can be interesting to see at night — for example, you might see miles of red taillights on the highway. During the daytime, such a scene wouldn't be nearly as visually impressive to see from the air.

Less Glare To Contend With

During a daytime helicopter tour, your pilot will need to continually reposition the helicopter so that you don't have to stare into the sun when you're trying to see something below you. The brightness of the sun can be a challenge because you may wish to see something in one direction but have to contend with the sun's glare — even if you're wearing sunglasses. This isn't a concern that you'll have during a nighttime tour. With no sun in the sky, you'll be able to comfortably look out both sides of the helicopter at any given time to enjoy the sights below you and in the distance.

Potential For Quicker Bookings

Helicopter tours are popular outings for tourists and local residents alike, especially when they take place in large cities. If you're keen on booking a specific tour, there's a chance that you'll need to do so several days in advance because of the tour's popularity. Nighttime tours can sometimes be quicker to book. Families with younger children may favor daytime tours because of their convenient hours, which can mean that there's not quite as much demand for those that happen after dark. If you have a short amount of time in the city and are keen on getting your booking confirmed quickly, nighttime can be a good choice.

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