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The Types Of Equipment You Will Need For Your Food Concession Trailer

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Have you decided to open a restaurant where you can serve people on the go? Rather than opening a traditional food joint, you may have decided to take the business on the road with you by running a food concession stand from your trailer. When you have a portable restaurant, you can provide catering to the public, attend different events to gain new customers, and travel to areas where you can easily make money while selling your food. After purchasing the concession trailer, you need to invest in some important equipment to install inside of it. Having the right equipment will help you prepare the food on your menu for all your customers with ease.

Prep Table with Fridge

You need to have a good place to prepare the food that you will sell to your customers. A spacious prep table is a must, but it is even better when it comes with a miniature fridge attached to it. If you are prepping refrigerated foods, such as shredded lettuce, guacamole, and diced tomatoes, you can immediately store those items in the fridge until you are ready to use them when making meals. There are different prep tables available, including options with wheels attached to them. If you think you might need to move your prep table around at times, choosing one with wheels is best.

Food Warmer

Keep freshly-prepared food hot and ready for your customers by having a food warmer inside your concession trailer. It is important to have because you do not want to serve cold food to customers when the food is meant to be warm. If you have a food warmer, you can keep the food at the right temperature without allowing it to get too cold or too hot to the point that it burns and is no longer edible.

Cooktop Station

You must have a cooktop to prepare the food you offer, but the type of cooktop needed will depend on what you sell. If you need to fry certain items, invest in a stovetop and a large deep fryer. If you are not frying many foods, you may prefer using a gas griddle. The gas griddle is great to have when making scrambled eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, and much more.

When running a concession stand, be sure to get the equipment needed to prepare food for your customers. You may need a cooktop station, food warmers, and a prep table with a fridge attached to it. For more information, reach out to companies like CS Techs Inc.