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Using Puzzles And Challenges To Shape Your Child's Mind

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Keep in mind that nurturing a child's mind happens outside of the confines, hours and requirements of school. Learning is a lifelong pursuit and full-time job no matter who you are, so you owe it to yourself and your child to impart some great habits. By challenging their mind with puzzles, games and a scholarly lifestyle, they will not only excel in school, but they will also fall in love with learning as a whole. 

With this in mind, use these tips so that you are feeding your child's mind and giving them the tools that they need to succeed. 

Buy your child lots of puzzles and allow them to challenge themselves

Kids love to play, so the key to helping them learn is by making it feel like a game, rather than a chore. You can build their brain's ability to solve problems by buying them lots of puzzles to tackle. For instance, a colored Soma cube puzzle can be one of the best investments you make into your child's growing mind. By challenging them with these puzzles during their most formative years, your child will get used to problem-solving, picking up on clues, and figuring out connections. 

This is like a workout for the brain, so purchase a few of these puzzles to challenge your child. You can buy them in increasing levels of difficulty and make sure that they are taking their time and doing it correctly without any help. 

Promote a positive learning environment and a growth mindset in your household

In addition to giving your child all of the puzzles they can handle, you should make sure that your entire home is a positive learning environment. By making learning and growth part of life in your household, your child won't feel as though they are doing anything out of the ordinary. This level of challenge will be their norm, and they will attack their school work, activities, and athletics in the exact same way. 

One of the best things you can do is institute what Dr. Carol Dweck calls a growth mindset. In this philosophy, you reward effort, rather than natural genetic talent. That way, your child can always feel capable and will be more likely to find solutions to problems rather than giving up. 

Life is all about learning, so take the time to follow the tips in this article, and feed your child the mental challenges that they need. 

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