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Tips On Landing A Government Job

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For many people, landing a government job is one of the most coveted types of employment situations available. In an era where there is so much job insecurity, federal jobs provide much-needed stability. However, it is difficult to get a federal job. These are not like regular jobs where you might see an ad posted online and simply walk in for an interview and then get hired. The process is much more complicated because it involves a lot of governmental red tape. If you are looking to obtain one of these jobs, then follow these three tips.

Create A Calendar With The Dates For Upcoming Exams

Dates are very important when it comes to applying for any sort of federal job. Unlike regular companies that post job listings as soon as a spot becomes available, federal jobs operate according to the schedules and calendars. This is because they often administer tests that determine if you will get the job. For this reason, it is important that you maintain a calendar that lists the upcoming exams as well as the upcoming filing periods. 

Line Up Your Professional References

Anytime that you apply for a federal job, it is vital that you have your references all lined up. The people who are doing the hiring always do background checks and other forms of credentialing. This includes speaking with former employers and making sure that you actually did the jobs that you claim to have done. Whenever you fill out a federal job application, you are going to have to list the references' contact info. You should make sure that your references know in advance that you gave their numbers so that they can expect a call. If you don't let them know in advance, then the person doing the reference check might not be able to reach them.

Hire A Federal Resume Writer

If you submit a resume that isn't exactly what the hiring managers are looking for, then you are severely hurting your chances for success. In order to avoid that, it is a good idea to hire a professional resume writer who has experience crafting resumes for the federal government. They will know what job skills to highlight and list on your resume. They will also know how to structure your resume so that it looks like what they expect the ideal candidates resume to look like. 

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