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Trash Management Tips For Your Home Or Business

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Trash removal is a basic task that every homeowner and business will have to address. However, it is a common situation for individuals to encounter a range of issues as a result of failing to take proactive and efficient steps for managing the disposal of their trash and other waste.

Replace Compromised Dumpsters And Other Containers

Over the years, dumpsters and garbage bins that you use can suffer damages that can weaken them or leave holes in them. These problems can be serious as they will allow the waste inside the dumpsters to spill out, and it can make it easier for pests to get inside the container. Whenever you notice that one of your garbage bins has suffered this type of damage, it should be replaced. Many trash removal services will provide garbage containers to their clients, and if this is the case, you may only need to notify the service that you need a new dumpster.

Avoid Overloading The Dumpster Or Garbage Bin

If your dumpster or garbage bin is starting to approach capacity, it may be necessary to schedule an early pickup for it. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to do this, and simply continue to put trash and garbage in the container. This may lead to the garbage removal service being unable to empty the container without spilling much of the contents. In some cases, the service may even refuse to empty it until some of the debris has been removed. Luckily, these services will be able to quickly visit your property to empty the container so that you can avoid having trash start to get backed up.

Take Steps To Reduce Pests Around The Garbage Bin

Pest problems are another issue that will commonly impact the area where trash is being stored until pick up. When pests start to target your garbage containers, it can make the area potentially dangerous as some of these pests can be aggressive. For example, wasps may build nests and sting those attempting to throw items away or raccoons may aggressively attempt to defend the dumpster. Applying pesticides can eliminate the risks of ants and stinging insects as it will prevent them from building nests in these areas. However, you may want to apply repellents that can keep raccoons, squirrels and other small animals away. These treatments should be done every few weeks or whenever you start to notice these pests around your trash bins.