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Avoiding A Handful Of Routine Water Well Pump Problems

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Without the use of a powerful pumping system, you would be unable to move the water from your well into the home. As a result, problems with the water well pump should always be treated as serious matters. However, homeowners might not be fully informed about the range of potential problems that can be experienced.

Should The Pump Be Making Noise Almost Constantly?

Homeowners that have never owned a water well pump might think that it is normal for it to be making noise on an almost constant basis. While it might seem as though the pump will need to always be running, this is not the case. Rather, it should only run periodically so that it can fill the reserve tank that actually provides water to the home. If the pump is running constantly, it will indicate that it is suffering from any number of potential problems. Regardless of the specific problem, you should consider turning off the system until it can be inspected. Otherwise, it could lead to significant damage, which may even force you to completely replace the pumping system.

How Can Winter Weather Damage Or Impact The Water Well Pump?

The winter weather can be another factor that has a major impact on your home's well pump. This is especially true for pumping systems that are located fairly close to the surface or that have pipes that come above ground. These systems can be prone to the water freezing in them, which could clog the system. Additionally, water freezing could even contribute to pipe ruptures due to water expanding as it freezes. There are thermal systems that can be used to protect wells in areas that experience extremely harsh temperatures. These systems will be able to generate enough heat to stop the pump from freezing.

Can A Water Well Problem Impact The Quality Of The Water Being Pumped Into The House?

While issues with your water well pump is likely to result in a decrease in the amount of water that is being provided to the house, it can also impact the actual quality of the water. For example, one of the more common problems for well systems will be the growth of mold or algae in the pump. This can limit the flow of water while also causing a serious decrease in the quality of the water that you are receiving. As a result, the pump should always be inspected whenever you suspect that you have suffered a decrease in your water quality.