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Hiring A Contract CNC Service For Your Business

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Businesses that use CNC (computer numerical control) machines processes to manufacture parts or components, either for their own processor or for customers, need reliable programming for the machines they use. Larger businesses may have an engineer working on location that handles the programming for each machine, but if your business requires a custom program and you don't have someone to create it, you may want to hire a CNC programming service to help you out. 

Basic Programming

When you are using a CNC machine to create a part, every movement of the machine needs to be inserted into the program that runs the machine. There are some programs that you can use to create the steps for you, but understanding the software is critical. An engineer that knows how to use a CAD (computer-aided design) program can create a three-dimensional model and the software can create the program for your CNC machine to work from. 

Once the part or component is created, and all the dimensions are verified, the operator or engineer on the project can load the program into the CNC machine and allow it to run, creating the part for you, and repeating the process over and over with exacting precision. 

A CNC programming service can create your CNC programs from CAD files if you do not have someone onsite to do it for you. These services can often help you create the CAD files as well if all you have to work from is a drawing or blueprint of the part. 

Multi-Axis Programming

Complex parts or components often require a multi-axis CNC machine to cut, drill, or mill material off the stock and create the proper dimensions for the final project. The multi-axis programming to allow your machines to operate on several planes can be complicated, so hiring a CNC programming service that works with multi-axis programming may be necessary. 

Talk to the programming service you are considering hiring about the need for multi-axis programming and the need for it. Not all CNC machines can operate on multiple axes, so you must find out if yours can be set up for it or not. The programming service will be able to tell you if they can program the machine to do what you need.

Military or Government Projects

If you have a programmer in-house but are working on a project for the military or government, you may be required to use a specific programming service to ensure specific standards are met. Your engineer can work closely with the programming service to get the program needed and load in on the machines when it's ready.

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