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Using Portable Restrooms For Your Project Or Event

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Portable restrooms are extremely convenient for those that need to provide restroom facilities for guests at their events. While most people will have some experience with portable restrooms, individuals will often have a lot of misinformation when it comes to renting these facilities for their event.

Myth: Portable Restrooms Must Be Fully Serviced Each Day

Individuals may be worried about renting portable toilets for an extended period due to assuming that they will have to be serviced each day. While portable restrooms will need to be periodically emptied and stocked, individuals often drastically overestimate the amount of servicing that their portable restrooms will require. In most cases, these toilets will be able to go for up to a week without reaching capacity and require servicing. However, toilets that experience more intensive use may need to be serviced more frequently.

Myth: It Is Difficult To Secure Portable Restrooms

During the overnight hours or when the event site is not occupied, you will need to ensure that the portable restrooms are secured. Otherwise, unauthorized individuals could use them, which could lead to the toilets requiring more frequent service as well as a risk of them being vandalized. Luckily, it is simple to lock and secure these toilets as they will have a key that you can use to lock them at the end of the day.

Myth: Portable Restrooms Are Not Suitable For Formal Events

One assumption about portable restrooms is that they will only be suitable for construction sites and other work areas. These may be among the most common areas for these toilets to be found, but they can also be essential for those that are hosting formal events that are outside or otherwise far from facilities. For those that need the toilets for this purpose, it is possible to opt for higher quality portable restrooms that can resemble more traditional restrooms so that your guests will be as comfortable as possible.

Myth: It Will Be Hard To Find A Suitable Location For The Restrooms

Choosing a suitable location for the restrooms will be an important step in the process of using them, but individuals often assume that this is more difficult than it may actually be. Generally, these toilets will simply need to be placed in an area that is flat, where the soil is firm enough to support the weight of the portable restroom. In most cases, the rental service will be able to inspect your project or event site to help you determine the areas that will be suitable for the placement of the toilets.

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